Throughput Access

Throughput access is proxy based deposit & borrowing process where users are able to access features from other integrated lending protocols. This allows users to take advantage of the deposit and borrow features of all lending protocols through one protocol. This achieves innovative features to the lending & borrowing process, such as singularity and flash reborrowing.
While Advias is likely to have the best deposit and borrow rates available, we don't want to hold our users back. Any user can access any of our integrated lending protocols through our logic pathways.
Allowing users to borrow from other platforms through us allows a borrower to have access not only to our borrowing pool that has the probabilistically best borrow rates, but the option to borrow from any other lending protocol, as well as no debt repay rate swapping.
What makes this so special is the ability to do this all from one place and being able to capitalize on rates from all lending protocol, including us.