Flash reborrowing
Borrowers are able to borrow from us as well as other platforms, all from one protocol. Having these integrations allow us to create logic pathways otherwise not possible, such as refinancing another protocols debt position in any way. Users can refinance to us, from us, and from one to another.
For example, a borrower can take a position through us and borrow from Aave. They are then able to swap their debt position from Aave, to us, or send their position from Aave to Joe Lending.
This is all accomplished through flash reborrowing, or refinancing.

Them To Us

The borrower now owes us the debt, now backed by their AVAX.

Them To Them

The borrower now owes Joe instead of AAVE. The amount borrowed from Joe is then deposited into our USDC pool to cover the first step of redeem & repay.


The above is incomplete. The swapping from "Them To Us" is correct but the anything not including Advias, i.e., "Them To Them" is only for reference. The complete version will come during launch.