How It Works

Account Proxy

A non-required proxy contract to delegate usage on protocol util tools. Some features, such as refinancing, require delegation for logic required.

Rebalancing Algorithm

The goal of the rebalancing algorithm is to have the highest deposit rate by ensuring 100% of deposits are constantly being utilized and there are never unutilized assets sitting idle in a lending pool.
On chain and in real time, all deposits are balanced between our borrowers and other lending protocols. This ensures all assets are are achieving yield at all times, resulting in having the best interest rates amongst all lending protocols.
How the other lending protocols are chosen is an algorithm which deposits to the highest yielding protocol on that block accounting for depositing amount, and vise versa for withdraws. When borrowers want to borrow, we pull from the other protocols and hand it to the borrowers.
Not only does this accomplish a probabilistically highest deposit yield, it also byproducts smart contract diversification which mitigates risk.

Consensus Asset Allocation

This aids in the rebalancing algorithm to ensure we always have the highest rates, even during times where whales attempt interest rate manipulation or low frequency times.
"Allocators" and "Validators" can call new asset allocation combinations amongst our integrations where validators can then vote on. You can think of this in the same way POS blockchains have validators to validate blocks, or how Chainlink gets their pricing. Instead, we have it for asset allocation.
Anyone can be a allocator or validator and in return for successful allocations rewards are given.

Throughput Access | Borrowing & Depositing

The goal of throughput access is to allow all users the best experience in borrowing by having everything in one place. Not just a dashboard, but a fully integrated system.
Users can "through-borrow" and "through-deposit', or borrow from our integrated protocols such as Aave, through us. This allows users to have an all-in-one dashboard for their deposits and borrowing, as well as reap rewards not only from us, but the other protocols as we pass those on to the borrower.

Flash Reborrowing | Refinancing

The goal if flash reborrowing is to allow borrowers to move debt positions from any lending protocols without repaying the actual debt position.
We allow any of our borrowers to change their borrowing positions between our integrated protocols and ourselves in order to take advantage of new rates.
This is done through a flash-reborrow where we are able to allow a borrower to change protocols without ever needing to repay the actual debt asset.
This same feature is available by deposits as well.