The all encompassing liquidity provider


Advias is a super interconnected globalized blockchain protocol specializing in optimized money markets that offers high-quality and sustainable yields, and traditional finance-like debt features. Through multiple symbiotically driven algorithms, Advias offers the probabilistically highest deposit and lowest debt rates available. Together, this creates what we call Goldilocks Positions.

Inner-economy VS Global-economy

The standard lending protocol is ran as an inner-economy based logic system, meaning all of their interest rates are based on the actions of the protocol itself through deposits and borrowing.
Advias is a global-economy with all of our rates being reactive off of the entirety of the blockchain itself, meaning our interest rates react mainly through the activity throughout the blockchain from all other protocols, not just ours. This allows us to optimize all of our assets within our lending pools to ensure we have the best rates available on both sides, deposits and debt. Algorithmically, we can match or do greater than the highest deposit and lowest borrow rates available.

Why the economy system is important

Inner-economy based protocols are limited to the total value locked within the protocol itself and with no bearing to the outside world where there may be 1000x the liquidity available and better rates. In a probabilistic scenario for any protocol, at some point, another protocol will have a better rate or higher liquidity that is does not have the ability to access for their users.
The weekly average interest rate delta on any one chain can be over 9%for most stable assets, meaning the highest rate available can be 15%, while another protocol has 6%. This ranges on the high end over 20%, while the lowest is about 4%.
Inner-economy based protocols are suffocating their users.
Advias exposes all of our users to the entire liquidity of the blockchain, plus all other chain assets, if bridging is available. While Advias may have $100,000,000 TVL, users are exposed to $50 B in liquidity. The most liquid protocol can have billions of dollars but may be only 1/50th of the entire liquidity available on the blockchain, we expose our users to 100% of this value.
Unlimited scalability and total exposure to liquidity and all of the best features.
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